Global solution laser cutting and engraving

Since 1989 we are operating on textile and embroidery business and due to that experience we introduce software and laser technologies first in that market and then in all other industrial applications, where we apply this technology and solutions.

Our skills, experience, and capabilities have grown and now we are offering the best solutions according customer needs on standard or OEM machines.

With our Global Brand Partners, such as GMI and Otlas-Cutlite Penta  we are able to make any system solutions, as Laser Bridges for a textile and embroidery market, laser cutting and engraving for leather , textile, automotive , wood , carpets , wall paper, promotional, ceramic, Led displays, packaging , ceramic…

If you are a customer that is looking for a solution, we are your partner that will deliver you to a simple, profitable and competitive solution with the best advanced technology in the market.

Global Solution the right partner at the right time.

Renato Zorzini


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